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Why do Full Electric Cars still need a 12V Battery?

As we are moving towards the era with full electric vehicles and less carbon footprint, it still comes to a surprise to many people that even an electric car has a 12V Battery, typically associated usually with gas and diesel powered vehicles.
What would the vehicle use the 12V battery in this case? To answer this question we have to understand all the components that make up an electric vehicle and what the 12V services. 

In an EV, the 12-volt battery serves several important functions. It powers the vehicle’s electrical systems when the car is not in use including the central locking system, alarm, and other security features. The 12-volt battery also powers the vehicle’s onboard computer and diagnostic systems. It also plays a role in starting the main high-voltage battery pack, which is responsible for powering the electric motor and moving the vehicle.

Another important function of the 12-volt battery is to act as a buffer for the main high-voltage battery pack and to ensure a steady supply of electricity to the vehicle’s electrical systems.

But why can’t the High-voltage Battery Be Used Instead?

Simply because the high-voltage battery pack is designed to power the electric motor and propel the vehicle, not to provide a steady supply of electricity for the vehicle’s electrical systems. Using the high-voltage battery for this purpose would put a lot of strain on it and could potentially reduce its overall lifespan.

Additionally, the main high-voltage battery pack is typically much larger and heavier than the 12-volt battery, which would add unnecessary weight to the vehicle. Using a separate, smaller 12-volt battery helps to keep the weight of the vehicle down and improve its overall efficiency.

How Is the 12v Battery in an Electric Car Charged?

It’s important to note that the 12-volt battery in an EV is not the same as the 12-volt battery found in a traditional gasoline-powered car. The 12-volt battery in an EV is a deep cycle battery, which is designed to be regularly discharged and recharged.

Need Re-Charging?
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