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For the newest software update please refer to the instructions on the USER MANUAL.

If you are looking for an automatic charger/analyzer, 512EVO is the perfect solution for you.
512EVO is an automatic 12V/50A charger and maintainer for 12V Flooded, AGM, Li-Ion and compatible with many more chemistry batteries.
It is fully automatic and thanks to its integrated algorithms, no configuration or setting is required.

E-VLT- The leak tester dedicated to battery packs will evaluate the physical integrity of a body, verifying there is no detectable porosity, cracks, or any other defect producing the same consequences of porosity or crakes in the body, in case there are such defects, to evaluate the size of defects to decide if ti will affect the proper functionality of the body.

Yes, same as DCBS, Maximus also is a diagnostic & charge battery station tool with even more features. A 7″ user friendly touchscreen and a handheld thermal and barcode scanner, Maximus is designed to maximize the user experience.

This action requires just a few steps.
What you need to do is turn off your Wi-fi on your remote and then plug in both sides of the ethernet cable to the remote and trolley.
For more detailed information look at our DCBS Physical Connection QuickGuide.