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The Importance of “Clean” Energy

When undergoing a maintenance such as an ECU reflash, it’s important that you maintain a source of “clean” energy. But what is “clean energy” and why is it important?

To begin, it’s important to differentiate that clean energy in this scenario pertains to energy that is free from fluctuations or disturbances, as opposed to the more commonly discussed idea of renewable energy, such as wind or solar. 

When caring for your vehicle, you want to be sure that you are maintaining not only the correct energy input, but also that the energy that is being provided to the vehicle doesn’t malfunction and cause damage to your vehicle’s integral systems. 

When supplying power to your battery, especially during vital processes, its important that the energy is void of fluctuations. These disturbances, spikes or dips in the energy provided, can result in data corruption or loss during something such as an ECU reflash. Which is why units like our DCBS or 1012EVO provide a constant, uninterrupted flow of energy during the entirety of your car’s maintenance.

Spikes in energy during an ECU reflash, discharge, or even recharge can impact your cars operations, which impacts the safety not only of the car but for you as well. Features such as stability control, ABS systems, and traction control could be heavily impacted by energy that isn’t provided safely to your car. You also want to avoid damaging the life or reliability of your actual 12-volt battery.

At a higher level, there are manufacturer and regulatory agencies that have very stringent requirements/standards for how your car is to be maintained. Utilizing tools that uphold and provide the best possible solutions to your automotive engineers can help to ensure that your vehicle remains compliant with these safety standards, protecting your car as well as yourself out on the road.