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What are the types of 12V Batteries?

Batteries come in all different sizes, shapes and uses, and this is no different for 12V batteries which is one of the most common ones.
The 12V batteries used for transportation, such as in vehicles, boats or other, have different sizes influenced by their use and the amount of amp-hour they are created to produce. 

12V battery types

There are two basic types of 12V batteries’
-Lithium-ion 12V batteries
-Lead-acid 12V batteries. 

All the lead-acid batteries have been around for a while, and lithium-ion batteries are relatively newer; each of these 12 V battery types has its perks and advantages.

Flooded lead-acid batteries

This form of battery is the most common type. The battery consists of suspended lead plates immersed in a solution of sulphuric acid. However, to keep this battery functioning appropriately, you need to have enough water in them. This implies that they have to be monitored to be maintained appropriately. A good thing about this type of battery is that it is cheap and easily sourced. Be careful though, the battery requires a lot of maintenance and monitoring, as a specific amount of liquid is required to keep it functioning and can also be easily affected from change of temperature, making this battery with the shortest lifespan. 

Sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries (VRLA)

This form of battery is an upgrade to the open flooded lead battery type for 12 volt. It is sealed and filled with the necessary ingredients needed for the battery to function appropriately. The battery operates with all of its chemicals closed tightly within it, building up hydrogen gas pressure.

Ultimately, this gas turns to water, and the gas pressure might likely exceed the gas pressure. The regulator valve is used to regulate this pressure and cope with the demands of the battery. A well-maintained flooded battery is likely to last longer than a sealed valve-regulated lead-acid battery.

Gel 12V batteries

This form of lead-acid battery suspends its lead plate in a gel-like substance. Gel batteries work perfectly in extreme conditions such as extreme heat or cold. It also requires little or no maintenance cuz you don’t have to worry about its liquid leaking out. 

AGM 12V batteries

AGM is an Absorbent Glass Mat technology that is a sealed lead-acid battery type. This form of battery allows the lead plates to stay between the fiberglass saturated electrolyte mat. This enhances the rate of charging and discharging. AGM batteries don’t need any form of maintenance, as they are also perfect for any conditions. They normally have a longer lifespan.

Lithium ion 12V batteries

Lithium-ion 12v batteries are currently the most common types of 12V batteries around/ Lithium-ion 12 volt batteries offer much more than the lead-acid 12V battery. Lithium-ion batteries use lithium salt instead of acid or any form of liquid which enhances their capacity. Lithium-ion batteries help make electronic batteries safer and more environment-friendly, thus they serve as a better alternative to lead-acid batteries.