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Cloud Based System and E-XTEQ Solution

The exciting integration of cloud-based storage systems has reshaped the way we perform automotive maintenance. Forgoing local storage, for network based server options, has not only allowed for shops to expand the number of jobs that they can perform, but also developed an ecosystem where all necessary stakeholders can collaborate on providing quality service to their customers. 

What can we use the Cloud Based System for?

Cloud-based storage offers functionality for a wide range of electrical service needs. Whether you’re working on 12-volt systems, where cloud storage can keep critical information necessary for diagnosing and repairing electrical issues, or EV maintenance, when advanced network solutions can aid in complex electrical drivetrains and battery management, cloud-based storage is essential for all. 

So when looking for diagnostic tools that meets your customer’s needs, consider the line up of advanced technology from E-XTEQ.
At E-XTEQ, our tools are integrated with our very own proprietary cloud-based management solution: ARGOS. 

What is ARGOS?

  • Access to all your tools information from the factory to the field (manufacturing dates, certificates).
  • Retrieve all your data and results (email, tests reports, csv, etc.)
  • Gather all the software versions and updates (Beta before deployment , Field update, etc.)
  • Orchestrate all your field results via dedicated dashboards.
  • Synchronize all the E-XTEQ features with one account (ARGOS, Warranty decoder, Service portal, etc.) via the E.A.S. program (E-XTEQ Authentication System)

When you use ARGOS to manage your business’s data points, you can rest assured that you’re giving yourself and your clients the best around. For more information on our line-up of advanced diagnostic products featuring ARGOS, be sure to check us out at e-xteq.com.